If you’re looking for a brand design specialist to help take your business to the next level, your search is over! Welcome to the Brandshop.

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Meet with us to discuss your options.
Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss where your branding is currently and what your needs are. We will advise you and work out the best way to activate the process moving forward.
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Industry & competitor research
The Brandshop does not blindly begin designing just to make things look aesthetically pleasing. This is irresponsible in so many ways. We research our clients industry locally (and internationally), to target their specific market.
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Design & Implement
Design options & presentation
This process is fun for both our clients and us, more so because we don’t have to wade through a trial-and-error period. Without a distinct goal, key insights and market research as a foundation to design, you run a risk of numerous re-designs.
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Roll-out plan across mutiple media platforms
Too many brand identities fail in the final phase. A bad choice of suppliers can have devastating results. Badly printed business cards, a poor web hosting company etc.

The Brandshop is a small design agency focused on creating relationships by building and maintaining brands for small to medium businesses.

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